About Urban Composter™

Urban Composter is a revolutionary kitchen bokashi bin that composts your kitchen scraps and turns it into nutrient-rich garden fertiliser.

The Urban Composter Bucket solves the problem of bokashi composting in the kitchen. The stylish design of the Urban Composter Bucket is right at home in any stylish home kitchen.

Urban Composter Bucket and Urban Composter City

There are now two sizes of Urban Composter bucket one for large families and the other for smaller apartment living.

The Urban Composter Bucket is designed to replace traditional kitchen scrap containers for larger families. You get all the benefits of bokashi composting without leaving the kitchen, and without the mess and smell. The Urban Composter Buckets provide a stylish composting system that you’d be proud to show-off on your kitchen benchtop.

The new Urban Composter City™ bucket has been completely redesigned with apartment living in mind.  Some families don’t need the large capacity of the 15 Litre Urban Composter Bucket, so the smaller City bucket provides the same bokashi composting features in a handy 6 Litre capacity.  Small enough for confined kitchens, or under the kitchen counter, if you wish.

Compost Accelerator Bokashi Spray for the Urban Composter Bucket and Urban Composter City, comes in a handy 500mL refill bottleClean and Simple Compost Accelerator Spray

The secret to the Urban Composter is the revolutionary Compost Accelerator spray.  This uniquely formulated spray contains Effective Microbes (EM1) that break down your leftover food, kitchen peelings and other organic waste.  Easier to use than traditional bokashi bran, the Compost Accelerator spray comes in a 500 mL bottle that is clean, quick and simple to use.

How it works

The Urban Composter couldn’t be simpler to use.  Like any organic composting process it takes a little bit of trial and error but help is available through our Urban Composter Facebook page.

1. Add your scraps to the bucket


Cut your scraps into small pieces are placed into the Urban Composter. All types of food scraps can be composted including: Meat, Fish, Vegies, Fruit, Dairy, Coffee, Wilted Flowers (no bones or excessive liquids).

2. Spray with Compost Accelerator

The Compost Accelerator Spray replaces messy Bokashi Bran in the Urban Composter

Urban Composter™ Compost Accelerator is sprayed on to the scraps which assists the break down and fermentation of the scraps in the bucket. The Urban Composter composts using an anerobic composting process which means that the food scraps don’t rot or smell while breaking down.

3. Drain the bucket every couple of days

Draining the Urban Composter Bucket is an essential part of bokashi composting

As the scraps ferment, a ‘compost tea’ liquid is released. This fermented scrap juice – which is saturated in good bacteria and nutrients – can be drained from the bucket every few days. Bokashi compost tea is an excellent fertiliser for plants, or can be flushed down drains as it promotes septic systems.

4. Mix with soil

The scraps will break down in approx 4-8 weeks. Once the bucket is full, and all the liquid drained, the pulp can be added to soil. It can be: buried in the garden, in a pot or planter of soil, added to outdoor composting or to worm farms.


What customers say about the Urban Composter

I live in an apartment


I live in an apartment with a small vegie patch down the back of the complex so it's perfect... I use the liquid on the plants that I have on my balcony and they love it.

Mrs B. (Brisbane)

A stylish way to stay green


The Urban Composter bucket is a versatile, air tight and stylish way to stay green

I thought it would be more smelly

Green Home and Garden Magazine Australia

I thought it would be more smelly than it was. The composting spray seems to take care of a lot of the odour. It’s a citrus smell so it’s not unpleasant on the nose. The other thing is that it’s a closed composting bucket, without oxygen and this anaerobic process is less about ‘rotting’ and more about ‘fermenting’, so the smell is going to be more sweet than sour.


Where can I buy the Urban Composter?

Australia and New


United States and Canada  –

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