Urban Composter™ Bucket

urban-composter-bucketThe Urban Composter™ is a revolutionary new bokashi style kitchen compost bin.  It composts all kitchen scraps including meat and it looks great on the benchtop in any kitchen.

The snap on lid seals the Urban Composter™ Bucket tight meaning no smells or flies coming from your compost bin.  The tight sealing lid means that the anaerobic composting process to start right away, in the bucket.

The Urban Composter Bucket is made for use with Urban Composter™ Compost Accelerator Spray. This spray containing Effective Microbes, speeds-up the scrap fermentation process.

This lightweight but sturdy compost bin is light grey in colour and comes with your choice of four popular lid colours – Chilli, Lime, Berry or Black.

Urban Composter Bucket comes in four lid colours: Chilli (red), Black, Lime (green) and Berry (purple)

The bucket holds 15 litres of kitchen scraps.  Dimensions: 29cm diameter, 40cm at back, 35cm at front.