What customers say about Urban Composter

The Urban Composter is a neat and practical product

This is a very neat and practical product, looking forward to making liquid plant feed and compost for our new veg garden.

Mrs S. Pegrum (UK)

I thought it would be more smelly

Green Home and Garden Magazine Australia

I thought it would be more smelly than it was. The composting spray seems to take care of a lot of the odour. It’s a citrus smell so it’s not unpleasant on the nose. The other thing is that it’s a closed composting bucket, without oxygen and this anaerobic process is less about ‘rotting’ and more about ‘fermenting’, so the smell is going to be more sweet than sour.

I love my Urban Composter

I love my Urban Composter it's in the kitchen, so I don't have to walk down to the bottom of the garden to put scraps in my compost bin.

Sue S.

There is no scrap smells

The accelerator spray that comes with it seems to work pretty quickly, and every time I add scraps to it (2-3 times a week) I press all the scraps down with an old potato masher. There is no smell to the scraps when I open up the lid...


The Urban Composter is simple to use

The Urban Composter is simple to use, even for someone who had never composted organic materials before.

James W. (Sydney)

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